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  • Work Samples

    Work Samples

    About The above images are documentation of experiments I created using live-video, interactivity, sound, animation and installation. The images can be viewed using the embedded Flickr player. Info about each image can be seen by clicking “Show Info” in the top right of the player. Image List: Big Timber (CHOP, CHOP!) | Interactive Audiovisual Performance…

  • Dancing Ellipses

    Dancing Ellipses

    Dancing Ellipses from Sean Clute on Vimeo. About The installation Dancing Ellipses lights up the Hong Kong skyline with three dots traveling vertically on three facades of the International Commerce Centre skyscraper. Initially, the objects are in synch but gradually fall out of phase allowing for syncopated visual movements. After two minutes, the objects realign,…

  • Sketches [00-49]

    Sketches [00-49]

    About This is my first book. The pages are filled with abstract images or “sketches” created from code. After experimenting with the computer software Processing, it was time to choose my favorite fifty images and share them with the world. So, here they are. The primitive points, lines, and shapes are a departure from my…

  • Wolfram Projections

    Wolfram Projections

    Wolfram Projections from Sean Clute on Vimeo. About Wolfram Projections was a live video performance/installation for the Oakland Underground Film Festival as part of the illuminated corridor project. Pauline Jennings and myself projected lines, shapes, dots, and Wolfram patterns onto the outside of the Art Deco Theater in Alameda California. The video was inspired by…