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Sketches 00-49

Sketches [00-49]


This is my first book. The pages are filled with abstract images or “sketches” created from code. After experimenting with the computer software Processing, it was time to choose my favorite fifty images and share them with the world. So, here they are.

The primitive points, lines, and shapes are a departure from my typical work, which is primarily composed of concrete photographic images. After years of partnership with contemporary choreographer Pauline Jennings, her work rubbed off on me. Her dances are abstract, complex, and incorporate shifting shapes and patterns. Processing allowed me to attempt emulating her dynamic movement style.

Computation also played an important role in this work. Similar to Ms. Jennings’ mathematical approach to choreographing bodies in space, I used math to coordinate shapes and color onscreen. Thus, all images in this book were created by text instructions. Visualizing and realizing these sketches had surprising similarities to using tools such as a pen and paper. I doodled, observed, critiqued, redrew or threw-out dozens of Processing sketches before just one seemed to appeal to my aesthetic sensibility.

Sketches 00-49 was an experiment in manipulating data to make images both simple and complex, organized and messy, and strict and playful. Art and code unites these elements in my creative process.


Sketches 00-49 (Full Res .pdf | 135.7 MB)
Sketches 00-49 Low Res (Low Res .pdf | 24.6 MB)


Print copies are available at cost (approximately $60) by request.