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Wolfram Projections

Wolfram Projections from Sean Clute on Vimeo.


Wolfram Projections was a live video performance/installation for the Oakland Underground Film Festival as part of the illuminated corridor project. Pauline Jennings and myself projected lines, shapes, dots, and Wolfram patterns onto the outside of the Art Deco Theater in Alameda California. The video was inspired by the opportunity to project outside onto a large architectural space. Simple moving greyscale patterns attempted to highlight and add dimensionality to the building.

The video was improvised and contained two parts that alternated throughout four hours. One part included a library of simple shapes that could be accessed via key commands on a computer. In the second part, video patterns of Wolfram’s cellular automata were activated by knobs on a MIDI controller. The pattern consisted of eight variables which could be independently changed by the performer thus allowing experimentation with the drawing of various models and classes.

Overall the performance was a success. It was a cool and crisp in Alameda making a comfortable and enjoyable night for outdoor projections. The illuminated corridor project is an innovative audiovisual group based in Oakland and it was a pleasure to be projecting as part of their team. It was also fun to wrap up in a blanket with Pauline Jennings and watch the glowing side of the theater come to life with moving light.


Wolfram Projections (.H264 .mov | 35.8 MB)