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Tag: Noise

  • Listen


    About The above images can be viewed using the embedded Flickr player. Info about each image can be seen by clicking “Show Info” in the top right of the player. Listen is an exhibit that documents custom-made electronic instruments which reveal inaudible electromagnetic and acoustic sounds. Photographs, circuits, and other artifacts on display become evidence…

  • Feedback [1-5]

    Feedback [1-5]

    About This is an artifact from a number of sonic experiments with feedback I created in 2008. Feedback and harsh noise was in the forefront of my mind after living with fellow Mills College graduate David Holton. He would spend all day hunched over a Mackie mixer configuring aux send and receives to master the…

  • Luminosity but sometimes Troll

    Luminosity but sometimes Troll

    About This is an experimental electronic composition created for the contemporary dance work 6 Phrases, 3 Rules by choreographer Pauline Jennings. As is true with much of Jennings’ choreography, the movement is abstract while the choreography is generated through human adherence and interpretation of set rules. Thus, I approached the music by first taking a…