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Listen is an exhibit that documents custom-made electronic instruments which reveal inaudible electromagnetic and acoustic sounds. Photographs, circuits, and other artifacts on display become evidence of Sean Clute’s sonic adventures within the rural landscape of Vermont.

Clute experimented with analogue electronic sound instruments inspired by the writings/schematics of Nicolas Collins and David Tudor. Additionally, he researched the relationship between technology and nature through readings of posthumanist scholars (Hayles, Haraway, Ferrando). The work attempts to embed concepts of the posthumanism within the design of the instruments. These instruments were tested in rehearsals with choreographer Polly Motely and performed with at a number of events.

The Listen project was started in July and August of 2015 when Sean Clute was awarded a Maker-in-Residence at Generator. Generator, in Burlington Vermont, “aims to be a community of collaboration among artists, engineers, and entrepreneurs to foster a fertile environment for innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.“

Special thanks to Generator, Lars Hasselblad Torres, Leif Hunneman, Pauline Jennings and Scott Fusare for their support in this experiment.

Photography documentation by Martin DeGeus

Image List:
Sean with Coil
Man searching for VLFs in the backwoods of Vermont.

Contact Mics in Water
Three hydrophones for recording ice, water, and mud.

Summer of 98’ Remix
Loose tape head reading wife’s cassette tape from the 90s.

Rusty Nail Loop
Rusty nail and rusty part of house attached to speaker and battery.

Sean in Jericho garage
Man performing lots of sound making gizmos on sheetrock in rural Vermont

Mystery Box
Sometimes this works; sometimes it doesn’t.

Chuck’s Test
1) Pickup tiny black cone
2) Place cup end it on or near electromagnetic source (i.e., phone, vibrator, fit-bit)
3) Move it around, listen, experiment

Talking Can (video)
Piezoelectric transducer vibrating a tomato can with music.



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