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Luminosity but sometimes Troll


This is an experimental electronic composition created for the contemporary dance work 6 Phrases, 3 Rules by choreographer Pauline Jennings. As is true with much of Jennings’ choreography, the movement is abstract while the choreography is generated through human adherence and interpretation of set rules. Thus, I approached the music by first taking a sample of a saxophone and used granular synthesis to extract and loop six segments of the audio file. The result was a pulsing and ambient master track. I then incorporated a vocal track of trolls “speaking”. The combination was intended to bring a rough and stochastic quality of trolls to the rhythmic nature of the granular sounds; thus mimicking the quality of Jennings’ movements and choreographic forms.


Flesh eat, eating it now, in sun go down.
You don’t take my food from me.
I find it, for me, take.
Bone with meat in mouth it will be here.
Eat before night.
Eat then find more.

* Roughly translated from Troll talk.


Luminosity but sometimes Troll (Full quality .aif files and .pdf | 177.6 MB)