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  • Notweed


    About: About Notweed Japanese Knotweed (Reynoutria japonica) is an invasive species in Vermont. Notweed, Rural Noise Ensemble’s interactive sound installation, was a response to the violent language of localism, the semiotics of foreignness and invasion of containment, management, and eradication that quietly trains us to accept xenophobia and racism. The installation is an immersive soundscape,…

  • Cutting Wood

    Cutting Wood

    Rural Noise Ensemble – Cutting Wood from Sean Clute on Vimeo. About The Rural Noise Ensemble incorporates the sound and energy of cutting wood in preparation for a cold Vermont winter. The sounds of the amplified firewood are modified by a computer and later mixed with additional homemade instruments, guitar and a sample of a…



    About In the ANIMAL, conversion of awareness into action is instantaneous. To fight or flee, to strut or pause, to synchronize, camouflage or attack: these are not decisions, but immediate and visceral responses held deep in the muscles of the body of the animal. ANIMAL: Archaeologies of Instinct is a collaboration that places a choreographic exploration…