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Mud Season

Mud Season


About Mud Season

Mud Season is an audiovisual performance that incorporates hand-drawn animations, interactive video and sound. The work travels under the Spring moons as snow melts revealing what is hidden underneath. A celebration of growth, the performance includes a creature emerging from the mud, an explosion of rainbows and an expanding orb of sunlight. The work uses custom built software, a MIDI controller, various drawing apparatus and video projection.

The sound will feature processed field recordings to match the surrealist everyday imagery of the performance. Taking a cue from the literary world of Magical Realism, the field recordings will be filtered through the lease of augmentation, fantasy and dream-like realities of the everyday world. Another feature of the score is to use the light frequencies of moon light translated to Binaural Beat-influenced sine tones to support the lunar meditative experience.


Video, animation, code, performance: Sean Clute
Music: Michael Reiley McDermott
Additional video: Jessica Gomula
Lighting: Allen Hahn
Gopher Hole drawings: Aspen Clute
Rainbow drawings: Juniper Clute