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Hysteresis (excerpt)

Hysteresis (excerpt) from Sean Clute on Vimeo.

DOUBLE VISION Hysteresis Postcard


Hysteresis is 70 minutes of dance, sound, lights, and costumes informed by a residency at the Museumsquartier in Vienna, Austria. The work is a metaphor for the state of being alien or observing that which is alien to oneself.

Free from traditional structures and narratives, Hysteresis evokes an abstract dreamscape rich in complex shapes, relationships and points of meditation for the audience. The audience is presented with unknown customs, languages, and symbols through image, sound and the implementation of stochastic and hysteretic systems. As the observer experiences what is at first deemed noise, relationships and patterns begin to emerge and understanding can occur. Noise gives way to an idea and the idea leads to a certain comfort in this incessantly uncertain world.

Hysteresis features five dancers and four collaborators with choreography by Pauline Jennings, music by Sean Clute, lighting design by Ben Coolik, costuming by Andrea Campbell and performances by Blaine Bookey, Emily Gorman, Wendy Marinaccio, Jennifer Mellor and Cecelia Peterson. The work had it’s west coast premiere at Dance Mission Theater, April 9-11, 2010 and its east coast premiere at the Merce Cunningham Studio, July 9-10, 2010.

Hysteresis was made possible through generous private donations, CounterPULSE’s fiscal sponsor program, The Garage’s RAW Program and grants from the Zellerbach Family Foundation and William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.


Choreography… Pauline Jennings
Music… Sean Clute
Lighting Design… Ben Coolik
Costume Design… Andrea Campbell
Dance: Blaine Bookey, Emily Gorman, Wendy Marinaccio, Jennifer Mellor, Cecelia Peterson


Hysteresis (excerpt) (.mp4 file | 84.9 MB)