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Gymnastics Thumb

Gymnastics (Video Sintesi)

Gymnastics (Video Sintesi) from Sean Clute on Vimeo.


Gymnastics is a video artwork that exhibits processed found footage from Carly Patterson’s gold medal victory at the 2004 Athens Olympics. Like the gymnast, the video is anchored in its own center of gravity and then tumbles around that point. For example, the video tracks a close up Ms. Patterson’s eyes and adjusts the scale, position, and rotation so that they are always in the center of the image. In the segments when Ms. Patterson is running, flipping or dancing, the video tracks her belly button and rearranges the focal point to be in the center of the screen. The process for creating the video relied on frame by frame editing in After Effects. This work is attempting to showcase the “gymnastic” capabilities of video by using a document of gymnastic virtuosity.

Video Sintesi
Gymnastics is part of a series of short video artworks called Video Sintesi. Sintesi refers to an Italian Futurist word used to describe a short experimental artwork. The series includes three works (Bowling, Mechnical Bull, Gymnastics) that place emphasis on video as a time based media. Each work uniquely processes individual frames of video to reinforce a simplistic action within the footage itself.


Gymnastics (Video Sintesi) (full quality .mov | 488.2 MB)