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GIHON (a performance)

GIHON (excerpt from simulacrum project) from Sean Clute on Vimeo.


GIHON is an audiovisual performance that combines field recordings of the Ghion River in rural Vermont, electromagnetic processing that reveals the playback mechanisms of the recordings, and live responsive video.

GIHON investigates the creation of something new while returning to the old. As a media artist living in a rural part of the United States I have questioned how digital media fits into the idyllic image of Vermont, known for its rustic barns, free-range cows and rolling pastures. To achieve this project, I recorded sound at eight locations along the Gihon River that flows from Eden to Johnson, Vermont. These unprocessed recordings are mixed live in the computer. Additionally, the analogue sounding water playback process is revealed via electromagnetic coils. The coils are positioned on different parts of computers and CD players amplifying the inner electronics of the machine. The live-video additionally mimics the underpinnings of the water/machine by processing footage of the river. Together, the sound and video, are creating new modes of experiencing the ancient natural artifacts of Vermont’s rural landscape.


Leif Hunneman (video) is an artist/technician from Burlington, Vermont working in interactive video, sound, and physical computing. Leif is the primary instigator of The Simulacrum Project, a rapid performance development workshop that pairs artists with technicians for improvisational live events. He has provided interactive video DJ performances for local, regional and national electronic music acts. He is also an original member of the venerable Burlington, Vermont based experimental electronic music project }hexdump{.

Martin DeGeus (Assistant of Photography) is a graduate from Johnson State College and specializes in video. His shorts about zombies have been resealed on youtube. He currently lives in East Calais Vermont.


GIHON (an excerpt) (.aif file | 47.8 MB)



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