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Evolutionary Patterns and the Lonely Owl (Mutation #2)

Evolutionary Patterns and the Lonely Owl (Mutation #2) from Sean Clute on Vimeo.


Intermedia performance group Double Vision (directed by myself and Pauline Jennings) presented a large-scale event exploring simultaneity, chaos, and rule-based interaction through dance, music, video, art and technology as part of ArtSFest. Evolutionary Patterns and the Lonely Owl encouraged the audience to roam freely and explore inflatable projections, mirrored matrices, pulsating pods, sonic-works and other interactive performances. The work also aimed to inspire innovative methods of combining diverse stories, art-forms, materials and spaces.


The attached paper goes into depth about the Evolutionary Patterns and the Lonely Owl events.

Title: Impossible Blueprint: Territorial Collisions in Intermedia Performance
Authors: S. Clute, P. Jennings
Abstract: Intermedia performance inspires innovative methods of combining ideas, art forms, materials, and spaces. By investigating components of sound, video, and dance individually as well as the hybridization of these media, a vast number of relationships can be discovered. To illustrate these complexities, I examine the 2006 performance Evolutionary Patterns and the Lonely Owl (Mutation #2) by San Francisco-based group DOUBLE VISION. This piece was a large-scale, interactive, intermedia performance that explored simultaneity, chaos, and rule-based audience interaction. Elements of the resulting dynamic micro and macro systems contained in this performance can be applied to a multitude of artistic processes and physical spaces.

Impossible Blueprint Paper (.pdf | 270 KB)


Key contributors
Marielle Amrhein, Steven Baudonnet, Matt Bell, Liz Bootz, Sean Clute, Amanda Crawford, Brian Enright, Simran Gleason, Jammin’ Ammon, Ron Goldin, Jessica Gomula, Pauline Jennings, Jason B. Jones, Elisabeth Kohnke, Chris Kruzic, Amy Leonards, Michelle K. Lynch, Wendy Marinacchio, Amy Nielson, Cecelia Peterson, Tim Thompson, Bill Wolter, Nicole Zvarik.


Evolutionary Patterns and the Lonely Owl (.H264 mov | 581.2 MB)