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Bowling Thumb

Bowling (Video Sintesi)

Bowling (Video Sintesi) from Sean Clute on Vimeo.


Bowling is a video artwork that exhibits processed found footage from a bowling tournament in upstate New York. Akin to the anticipation among spectators at the tournament, the video highlights the suspense of a bowler attempting to hit a seven-ten split. The original video was rearranged by randomizing the frames within a moving specified range or random “walk.” This was achieved using the software Max/MSP Jitter with the drunk object. The resulting video depicts a bowling ball ebbing ever closer and further away from the pins. The artwork attempts to showcase techniques unique to time based media, such as redistribution of frames, to highlight the excitement of the unknown.

Video Sintesi
Bowling is part of a series of short video artworks called Video Sintesi. Sintesi refers to an Italian Futurist word used to describe a short experimental artwork. The series includes three works (Bowling, Mechnical Bull, Gymnastics) that place emphasis on video as a time based media. Each work uniquely processes individual frames of video to reinforce a simplistic action within the footage itself.


Bowling (Video Sintesi) (full quality .mov | 73.5 MB)