December 10, 2009 | L.A.C.E & DOUBLE VISION | Rowan Lofts, Los Angeles, CA

Date:Dec 10 [Thur], 2009
Where:5th and Spring St., Los Angeles, CA
The Los Angeles Contemporary Ensemble (L.A.C.E) and San Francisco based intermedia group DOUBLE VISION will be performing Palimpsest at the Rowan Lofts in downtown Los Angeles. The work will include contemporary dance with movements based on forms of destruction in which materials are over-written. The work will include movement, video, sound and sculpture as well as audience interaction. Throughout the performance these elements create, destroy, and reconstruct top secret blueprints of theme parks in far off lands.

The L.A.C.E. Theater was founded in 2003 by the Los Angeles-based dancer/choreographer, Caitlyn Carradine, to be a “laboratory” to develop experimental ballet works, and to push the limits of contemporary dance 
theater by having a place to work out new ideas, and test them in front of 
small audiences.

DOUBLE VISION, led by Sean Clute and Pauline Jennings, is a group of dancers, musicians, video-artists, and performers. By experimenting with different methods of collaboration through the adaptation of social systems, transvergence of scientific models, and mapping of algorithmic structures, DOUBLE VISION unifies multifaceted art forms and ideas to cultivate innovative performances.

Dance and performance by Blaine Bookey, Caitlyn Carradine, Nicole Dionne, Pauline Jennings and Wendy Marinaccio, Jennifer Mellor; music and video by Sean Clute.

November 3, 2009 | DOUBLE VISION Fundraiser | Mr. Smith's, San Francisco, CA

Date:Nov 3 [Tues], 2009
Where:Mr. Smith’s, 34 7th St., San Francisco, CA
Cost:$15 Donation [includes complimentary food, cocktails by Kettle One Vodka, wine, auction items and performances]
One hundred and sixty years ago gold seekers known as the forty-niners traveled to California by wagon, boat, and foot in the quest for riches. Miners turned millionaires donated their riches to little known performing art troupes in San Francisco. History repeats itself, or at least we are hoping, so spring your wealth at DOUBLE VISION’s annual fundraiser. We need some gold, or at least some buckets and a map, to support our artistic journeys and support upcoming innovate performance of high value.

The fundraiser will showcase performances by DOUBLE VISION dancers, old tune-y music by Sean Clute and live LoopyCam video performances by Tim Thompson. Our very own O-niners led by the unconquerable Nicole Zvarik, will entice you to join their gold-panning bootcamp, while the “Gold Rush Girls” video installation by Jessica Gomula will point the way toward bona-fide fortunes!

Funds for this event will be contributed toward DOUBLE VISION’s production of Hysteresis, a new dance performance that questions the relevance of virtuosity in contemporary performance. Phase 1 of the work will premiere in the Women on the Way Festival (January 2010) and Phase 2 of the work, which includes a team of five collaborators, will premiere April 9-11, 2010 at Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco.

DOUBLE VISION Artists: Blaine Bookey, Naomi Clark, Sean Clute, Jessica Gomula, Emily Gorman, Courtney Gulick, Pauline Jennings, Chris Kruzic, Wendy Marinaccio, Jennifer Mellor, Cecelia Peterson, Katie Polanshek, Jaime Rangeley, Nicole Zvarik, Tim Thompson.

November 6-7, 2009 | DOUBLE VISION Talk | The Garage, San Francisco, CA

Date:Nov 6-7 [Fri-Sat], 2009
Where:The Garage, 975 Howard St., San Francisco, CA
Cost:$10 Donation
Instigated in the depths of The Garage, Hysteresis, a new dance work by Pauline Jennings / DOUBLE VISION, investigates contemporary ideas of complexity and virtuosity with a look at how these ideas are valued artistically in our current times. Nov. 6 and 7 will feature Hysteresis’ full team of five collaborators and five dancers for a lecture and demo of their collaborative processes.

DOUBLE VISION collaborators include: Pauline Jennings (choreography), Sean Clute (music), Andrea Campbell (costume design), Naomi Clark (painting and sculpture), Ben Coolik (light art); Dancers include: Blaine Bookey, Emily Gorman, Wendy Marinaccio, Jennifer Mellor, Cecelia Peterson.