FYS: iMe, Reinventing Yourself in the Digital Age [ART-1080-J01]

Class Meets: Monday/Wednesday 11:30AM-12:45PM
Location: Media Art Research Studio (MARS)
Professor: Sean Clute, sean@seanclute.net
Class URL: www.seanclute.net/ime/
Office Hours: Monday 10AM-11AM/Tuesday 11:30AM-12:30PM or by appointment

Seminar Description:
Have you ever uploaded a photo to Facebook, viewed cats on Youtube, or conquered a video game with online teammates? Digital technology is a transformative force allowing new modes of global communication. In fact, with the advent of virtual realities like Second Life, you can reach beyond globalism and enter the realm of total imagination. Given these changes, how do you navigate this new world? In this seminar we will explore technology’s role in our lives. Through an interdisciplinary approach we will examine art, science and literature’s take on topics including Web 2.0, cybernetics, and virtual reality. We will look at how these topics have influenced robotics, viral videos and most importantly, you.

Explore the roles technology plays in self-expression through readings, video and in-class discussion
Learn how to research, write, present and engage in critical discourse
Develop fundamental techniques for creating digital media
Discover benefits of participating in a diverse community of scholars, thinkers and peers
Gain familiarity with JSC’s academic resources
Establish personal and academic goals for your university experience

Advice | 5%: You will find advice on how to succeed in college
Digital Photos | 5%: You will visually represent a topic from Digital Nation
Simulacrum I | 5%: You will scan objects that represent a article from Wired Magazine
Simulacrum II| 10%: You will create a collage
Video Portrait | 10%: You will create a video
Future | 5%:You identity and research something about our future
Group Research Project | 30%:You will be given a list of potential topics to collaboratively research and create a presentation on. All groups will submit an outline and give an audiovisual presentation

Participation | 30%:
Participation is a huge part of your grade!
I take attendance. For each class (after three absences) I drop your final grade by one letter (ex. A to B)
Critiques are super important! If you miss a critique I drop your final grade by a minus (ex A to A-)

What happens in class:
Class typically breaks down one of four ways: lecture, demo, lab, and critique
Lectures include me introducing a topic relevant to our class
Demos include me demonstrating how to use software relevant to the lecture and your assignment
Labs offer time for you to work and ask questions about the assignment
Critiques will occur on assignment due dates. For all assignments you will be required to defend your work

Other miscellaneous stuff:
I give extra credit for attending pre-approved lectures

Connecting to the Class Server:
We have a class server (an external storage device) in which all assignments must be uploaded
To access the server:
Finder/Go/Connect to Server/Connect
press [command k] when in the Finder

If the server address is blank type in “smb://” and press connect

Checking out Equipment or Cameras:
To check out cameras go to IT in Martinetti Hall

You can always email me at sean@seanclute.net
You can come to my office hours (see above)
For technical help you can file a report with IT here: https://servicedesk.vsc.edu/

MARS Hours:
MARS is open to you when no class is present. You must get your ID activated at security to use.

Schedule Details:

Class 1 (Jan 16) – Introduction to iMe | Computer Basics I

Introduction to the class:
Who are we?
Class Syllabus
Class Website

Computer Basics I:
Where is the computer?
How do we turn this thing on?
What is my log in?
What is a mouse?
USB 2.0, Firewire 800, Headphone jack?
What is an external drive?
OSX is an operating system?
What are applications?
What is the dock?
What are folders and files?
What are five things I should know?
How do I share files?

Put these Handy Key Commands in your memory banks
n = make new things
s = save
c = copy
x = cut
v = paste
z = undo

Watch Computer Basics I
Bring in a .jpg (photograph) that you would like to stare at for the entire semester

Class 2 (Jan 18) – Guest: Russ Weiss | Computer Basics II

Russ Weiss will visit our class

Computer Basics II:
How to set background image
How to right-click with mouse
Set up file preferences
What is my personal folder?
What is my personal folder on the server?
Um, the trash can?

Fun with PhotoBooth Lab:
Try to do the following steps
1) Open the application PhotoBooth
2) Create three photographs using effects
3) Name each file “LastnameFirstname01, 02, 03.jpg”
4) Create a folder called “LastnameFirstname” and put the images into it
5) Upload folder to ART/_CluteiMe/Assignments/PhotoFun/

Travel Dream Image Lab:
Try to do the following steps
1) Image where you would love to travel to
2) Find an image close to your imagination
3) Take a screen shot or download the image
4) Save the image as a .jpg
5) Label the image as “LastnameFirstname_Nameofplace.jpg”
6) Upload file to ART/_CluteiMe/Assignments/TravelFun

Assignment #1 (DUE Jan 23): You will find advice on how to be successful in college.
* You must find advice on how to succeed in college
* Cite the source of advice

* You must write down the advice (paraphrase if you wish)

* You must write a response to the advice

* The paper must be no less then two paragraphs and no more then a page

* The file must be saved as a .txt, .doc, or .pdf
* The file must be saved as LastnameFirstname
* The file must be uploaded to ART/_CluteiMe/Assignments/1_Advice
NOTE: The file must be on the art server BEFORE class starts!

Play around with the computers to get comfortable with them
Work on Assignment #1 as it is due next class!

Class 3 (Jan 23) – DUE: Assignment #1 | Digital Nation

DUE Assignment #1:
Make sure the file is on the ART server before class starts!

Digital Nation

Assignment #2 (DUE Jan 30): You will take and hand in five photographs that represent a topic from the video Digital Nation. Some topic examples, internet addiction, virtual reality, games, technology and warfare, etc..

* You must take five photos that represent a topic from Digital Nation
* All photos must represent the same topic
* The photos cannot be taken inside your room

* You must talk for two minutes about why you took these photos
* All photos must be in one folder labeled LastnameFirstname
* All photos must be labeled LastnameFirstname1, 2, 3, etc.

* The folder must be uploaded to ART/_CluteiMe/Assignments/2_Photo

NOTE: You must hand in this file before the beginning of class! We will show and discuss them!

Start Assignment #2 by shooting photographs

Class 4 (Jan 25) – Digital Nation

Digital Nation

Work on Assignment #2. It is due before next class on the server!

Class 5 (Jan 30) – DUE: Assign #2 | Simulacrum I

DUE Assignment #2:
You will discuss why you took your particular photograph

Assignment #3 (DUE Feb 6): You will scan physical objects representing an article from Wired Magazine and then present them to the class onscreen.
* Pick one interesting article from wired.com
* Gather 7 physical objects that relate to the article

* Arrange all objects to create a single composition
* Save the composition as a .jpg
* You will talk for two minutes about why you chose the objects
* File must be labeled LastnameFirstname.jpg

* File must be uploaded to ART/_CluteiMe/Assignments/3_SimulacrumI

NOTE: You must hand in this file before the beginning of class! We will show and discuss them!

Demo Scanning:
Connect scanner to computer (USB)
Using the application Image Capture
Saving files
Placing files on the server

Gather physical objects because you will scan them next class

Class 6 (Feb 1) – Simulacrum I

Work on Assignment #3 because it is due next class!

Finish Assignment #3 and put on server!

Class 7 (Feb 6) – DUE: Assignment #3 | Simulacrum II

DUE Assignment #3:
We will share our scanned images

Assignment #4 (DUE Feb 27): You will be create a multiple image collage using basic Photoshop techniques. The focus of this assignment is based on the idea of a simulacrum; a representation of a person or thing. You will show us something impossible to see with our own eyes.

* You must create an image that cannot be see with the naked eye
* Your image resolution must be 1024 pixels x 768 pixels
* Your collage must include at least 8 layers

* Each layer must have a descriptive label
* The composition of layers should be interesting to the public
* You must be able to talk about your image for three minutes
* The project must be saved as a Photoshop (.psd) file
* The file must be handed into ART/_CluteiMe/Assignments/4_SimulacrumII

NOTE: There are many Photoshop tools we did not have time to cover. This does not mean that you cannot use them. If you can envision something, but are unsure how to achieve it, let’s figure it out together!

Demo Photoshop I:
About Photoshop
Watch Dove Evolution
Discussion of bits, pixels, planes (R,G,B,A)
Bit maps and Rasters vs. Vectors

Starting in Photoshop
Grabbing images online (www.flickr.com, google images)
Understanding Image Size
Opening Photoshop (click the dock)

How to make a new project
How to put images into the project (drag to dock)
Copy, cut, paste images (using key commands)
How to Save .psd

Photoshop Interface
File Menus
Context Menus

Collect images for Assignment #4

Class 8 (Feb 13) – Simulacrum II

Demo Photoshop II:
Tabbed Documents
Panning and Zooming
Zoom Tool (z)
Zoom out (opt z)
Zoom in (command +)
Zoom out (command -)

Panning (spacebar)
Fit on Screen (command 0)
Full View Screen Mode (f)

Working with Projects
How to make a new project
How to open images
Copy, cut, paste images (using key commands)

Layer Stacking Order
Background Layer
Alpha Channel

Selection Tools
Selection tools (move, marque, lasso)
Quick Selection Tool
Magic Wand Tool

Transform Mode
Free Transform

Work on Assignment #4

Watch Photoshop tutorials
Start editing and compositing images (resizing, rotating, placing)

Class 9 (Feb 15) – Simulacrum II

Photoshop Demo III:
Modify Tools
Close Stamp
Crop Tool

Text Tool
File Formats and Saving
Uploading Assignment on Server

Work on Assignment #4. It is due next class!

Finish Assignment #4. Upload it to the ART server by next class!

Class 10 (Feb 27) – DUE: Assignment #4

DUE Assignment #4:
Simulacrum II is due. We will critique your images.

Class 11 (Mar 1) – Video

Weather Lab:
You will create a short video in groups of two by doing the following:
1) Make a weather video report
2) One shot must be you inside talking about the weather
3) One shot must be of the sky
4) One shot must be of the ground
5) One shot must be of of anything you wish weather related
6) You must be seen in all shots
7) The video must not be more then 1 minute in length
8) Label file LastnameFirstname.mov
9) Place file on ART/_CluteiMe/Assignments/VideoFun

Assignment #5 (DUE Mar 15): You will be creating a video message intended for someone to view a hundred years from now.
* Your video must be three minutes in length
* The video must address someone a hundred years from now
* The video can be for a future family, community, students, etc.
* Your video must include sound
* Your video must a title that starts “Dear …”
* You must show me a rough draft of the video before it is due!
* The video must be saved as “large” (goto share/ExportMovie/)
* The file must be saved as “LastnameFirstname.m4v”)
* Uploaded file to ART/_CluteiMe/Assignments/5_Video

Demo iMovie I:
Video Cameras
What kind of cameras to use (iPhone, Kodac, Sanyo)
How to check out a camera
Turning the power on

Recording video


What is iMovie?
Edit videos (arrange clips, mix sound, titles)
Export videos for web, email, dvd, etc.

Importing Video
Importing video into iMovie
Transfer (SD memory card to computer)
Transfer (USB, click camera button, VTR Mode)
Transfer (video files, .mov)
First get files onto the computer then..
Open iMovie
File/Import/Movies allows you to import files
Create a new event
Label a new project

Brainstorm ideas for Assignment #5

Class 12 (Mar 6) – Video

The Best of iMe videos

Demo: iMovie II
File Menus
Event Library
Event browser (shows content of events)
Project Timeline (shows edited clips intended for export)
Project Viewer (view movie and clips)
Tool Bar (adjust the movie clips)
Zoom Slider

Video Editing I
File/New Project
SFile/Import Media
Skim clips in Event Browser (mouse)
Play clips (spacebar)
Drag clips from Event Browser into the Project Timeline
Making Selections
Deleting and Arranging
Trimming Clips (click, drag then Modify/Trim to Selection)
Splitting Clips (right click, Split Clip)
Undo (command z)

Start shooting footage for Assignment #5

Class 13 (Mar 8) -Video

Demo iMovie III:
Video Editing II
Creating Transitions
Creating Titles
Changing Volume
Adding Effects
Lower Thirds
Adjusting Color (Enhance, Color Balance, Color Correction,
Video Effects (click to apply)
Change Speed

Adding Music
Changing volume in clip
Automation volume (keyframes)
Attach audio to clip or background (drag on empty area)
Ducking audio
Voice over (record directly to iMovie)

Share/ExportMovie/Select the largest size

Shoot all of the footage you need for Assignment #5. You will edit next class.

Class 14 (Mar 13) -Video

You will edit your footage today in class. Make sure you show me what you have been doing before you leave.

Assignment #5 is due next class! Make sure it is on the server before class starts!

Class 15 (Mar 15) – DUE: Assignment #5

DUE Assignment #5:
We will view your work. Bring the popcorn.

Class 16 (Mar 20) – Guest Talk: Library and Research

Guest Talk:
Someone from the library will visit and talk about our resources and how to use them

Research Basics:
Research Basics

Read link to research basics

Class 17 () – Guest: Russ Weiss | TILT

Russ Weiss will talk to us about advising

You will take the TILT examine

Class 18 (Mar 22) – Screening: Lo and Behold

We will view the film Lo and Behold

Assignment #6 (DUE Mar 29): You will research and present something interesting to us about the future of communication.
* You must research something related to the future of communication
* The research may focus on a person, group, event, or subject
* You must write a one page response that includes
* A summary of your chosen subject
* Why you think this is an interesting subject
* Why it is important (or not) to us all
* Save the file as a .txt or .pdf
* File must be uploaded to ART/_Clute/iMe/Assignments/Future

Class 19 (Mar 27) – Team Treasure Hunt

Team Treasure Hunt:
Wear warm cloths, comfortable shoes, and bring a pen or pencil

Your order is Reviled:
1: Charles | Maker culture
2: Avalon | Games
3: Ciaran | AI
4: April, Katrina | Disabilities
5: Athena, Madeline | Blockchain
6: James | Theron | Anonymous
7: Katie, Teya | Driverless Cars
8: Nick | Technology and archeology
9: Jenna | MS and Technology

Research Topics:
Anonymous (the group)
Future of Artificial Intelligence
Augmented Reality
Innovations in Energy
New Technology in Developing Countries
New Technology and Disability
Maker Culture
Driverless Cars


Each group research and pick their top three research topic preferences

Class 20 (Mar 29) – DUE: Assignment #6 | Go over final

DUE Assignment #6:
Put file on server

Assignment FINAL (DUE May 1, 3): You will create a group-based research presentation on a topic related to contemporary media issues. The topic will be assigned to you well in advance. There are three aspects of your research presentation required below:
Presentations [60%]
* Presentation must be 15 minutes (not including Q&A)
* Must show strong clarity and strength of research
* Must maintain a focus on the thesis statement throughout talk
* Must have strong quality of speech delivery (confident, rehearsed, well-spoken)
* Must discuss research and answer questions during Q&A
* All members of group must equally present

Design and Slides [30%]
* Include a title slide with your talk title, logo, group member names
* All slides must have a consistent design
* Only one slide can have video and the video must be under two minutes

Q&A [10%]
* Groups not presenting will ask the presenting group at least two follow-up questions
* Questions should be based upon information discussed and/or media shown

Assignment Rough Draft (DUE Apr 19): You will give a short rough presentation of your final project.
* Presentation must be 5 minutes
* Must show strong proof of research
* Must maintain a focus on the thesis statement
* Must have strong quality of speech delivery (confident, rehearsed, well-spoken)
* Include a title slide with your talk title, logo, introduction
* Must have additional draft slides with a consistent design
* Must include in-slide citations whenever you’re citing data, quoting someone, using images, etc. i.e. (AuthorLastName, year)

Inquiry Questions:

Inquiry Questions
In groups you will create inquiry questions and hand in by the end of class

You will share your questions with all groups

Research Topic:
In groups you will announce a group name, your research topic and your research focus

Start researching and finding sources for you topic

Class 21 (Apr 10) – Research Lab

Creating a Timeline
Creating A Timeline
Your group will hand in a timeline by the end of class

Creating a Thesis and Abstract:
Creating a Thesis and Abstract
Your group will hand in a draft thesis and abstract by the end of class

Design Examples:
I will show you past student design/slides

Continue finding sources/research for your presentation
Rewrite your Thesis from feedback given in class

Class 22 (Apr 12) – Research Lab

I will show a couple examples of strong presentations

Split up research with group members
Start designing slides

Work on research

Class 23 (Apr 17) – Research Lab

Split up research with group members
Start designing slides
Work on a rough draft of your presentation because it is due next class!

Class 24 (Apr 19) – Rough Presentation DUE!

Rough Presentation DUE:
You will each give a rough presentation in preparation for your final

Work on Final Presentation

Class 25 (Apr 24) – Lab

Split up research with group members
Design slides
Add footnotes
Add citations
Rehearse presentation

Work on Final Presentation

Class 26 (Apr 26) – Lab

Finish slides
Rehearse presentation

Work on Final Presentation! It is due on the server by next class!

Class 27 (May 1) – Final Presentations

Final Presentations:
We will present in Sterns Cinema. All presentation files must be to me before 10AM today!
Order will be:
Avalon | Games
Jenna | MS and Technology
Katie, Teya | Driverless Cars
Nick | Technology and archeology
Ciaran | AI

Class 28 (May 3) – Final Presentations

Final Presentations:
We will present in Sterns Cinema. All presentation files must be to me before 10AM today!
Order will be:
Charles | Maker culture
April, Katrina | Disabilities
Athena, Madeline | Blockchain
James | Theron | Anonymous

Final Meeting (May 8)

Final Meeting:
Final individual meetings will be in my office in VAC 004 TBA between 10AM-12PM